So how did this incredible journey come about? Well it’s all Killians fault … let me explain.

Before I set out on my long Sunday runs and while I’m having my breakfast I often watch an inspirational YouTube video – maybe Sage Canaday on a training run, perhaps Timmy Olson tackling the Weastern States but more often than not it is something about Kilian Jornet, a truly inspirational runner and human being. I don’t know why but it seems to set me up for what I know lies ahead – maybe 20 miles or so along a cold, blustery Thames Path.

Anyway on this particular morning I was watching about Kilian’s traverse of the Pyrenees in just nine days and this got me thinking. What if I was to try and emulate the feat, not in nine days obviously but surely it was possible for a mere mortal to do it as well.

On my run which, incidentally, did happen to be on a cold, blustery Thames Path I couldn’t get the idea out of my head – how would I carry all my gear, how would I find my way, how many days would it take? Well the “days” conundrum I solved before mile 10 using a magical formula – Best Mountain runner in the world + might of Salomon Team behind him + 25 years of age minus me + …. + 59 years of age = ummmm 21 days and thus the challenge was on. Run the length of the Spanish Pyrenees, a mere 500 miles in 21 days!

“Moving Mountains” the book will be available soon!