2012, 2016

Running on the edge

By |December 20th, 2016|Moving Mountains|0 Comments

It was still dark outside as I put on my running gear for the umpteenth time. It was only day eleven of my journey across the Pyrenees but I felt as if I had been running for ever. Although it was early I was glad to be leaving the hotel – it was one of […]

111, 2016

Orla the dog

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I had only been going for an hour and already I was tired. The previous day, day 8 of my adventure , had been tricky – the weather had closed in and I had got lost on top of the mountain. I finally found my way to the bottom after night was falling, covered in […]

1409, 2016

Facing fears

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Before I set out on my Pyrenees adventure I knew that I was going to have to face my fears in whatsoever form they presented themselves. Alone, exposed at 2,500 meters there would be no hiding place.

As is so often is the case they tended to arrive in the most peculiar of ways! For some reason […]

1608, 2016

Visca Catalunya!

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Visca Catalunya – long live Catalonia!
Catalonia – home to the breathtaking Pyrenees, the vibrant city of Barcelona and the gorgeous beaches of the Mediterranean, it really is the region that has it all. And of course it’s a runners’ paradise too, not surprising when you consider its most famous citizen is the great Kilian Jornet!

But […]

108, 2016

First impressions

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 I got my first impression of what I had let myself in for as the plane swooped over the Pyrenees on it’s final approach to Bilbao. Gosh there’s snow I said to myself – why I thought there there wouldn’t be at 2,500 metres I don’t know, I suppose I naively presumed that it’s June […]

807, 2016

An idea is born!

By |July 8th, 2016|Moving Mountains|1 Comment

So how did this incredible journey come about? Well it’s all Killians fault … let me explain.
Before I set out on my long Sunday runs and while I’m having my breakfast I often watch an inspirational YouTube video – maybe Sage Canaday on a training run, perhaps Timmy Olson tackling the Weastern States but more […]